Friday, October 31, 2008

The Race speech

When the whole brouhaha with Reverend Wright happened back in the spring, I was kind of caught up in the whole Bear Stearns thing -- which seemed at the time to be shocking -- and commuting to Manhattan and all that, so I missed the race speech. Now, as we come down the to the wire and I'm going to canvas tomorrow in PA, I thought I'd watch it during Trick or Treating time.

Pretty astonishing. Politicians just don't speak like this. Obama is an oracle. He stands up there and says stuff the rest of us dare not say, and he does it while running for the Presidency. That speech wasn't vetted by numbers crunchers, there was a lot of risk in there. He's smart, he's rhetorically strong but wonky too, and he speaks from the heart. The only thing I figure he can't do, since he's kinda bony, is box out. It's exciting to have someone who's really worth voting for.

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