Wednesday, October 08, 2008

Greek television

While I was in Greece I watched some TV in the hotel room, as I am oft want to do. A couple of highlights:

  • JLo was in town and being interviewed by some older sleazy dude in a black silk shirt on something like the Greek "Sabado Gigante!" She was telling him all about her recent triathlon, about swimming in the ocean and how it was a bit freaky and he goes: "So you were concerned about the sharks, eh? I bet they know just where to bite you, just where the tender places are..." Larry King would not have broke it out like that.
  • A Greek band doing a rap cover of "Smells Like Teen Spirit", in some other "Sabado Gigante!" like context.
Other than that, very little going on.

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Anonymous said...

Sabado gigante? Todos los dias gigante con la crema grandioso, Senor. Tu mujere amarte mucho con la crema y su gigante pierna tercera.