Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Flatlining out of the gates

McCain is tripping... over himself. "They're hurt and they're angry, they're hurting and they're angry blah blah blah Fannie Mae Freddy Mac caused this subprime mess..." He's totally knocked off whatever kilter he may have had, I'd call it stream of consciousness if he had consciousness to stream. He's flatlining, politically.

And he's blinking uncontrollably too. What's up with that?

Moreover, who gave the green light for McCain to indiscriminately interrupt Obama and speak under his breath "to the American people" while Obama had the mike. That wasn't a real winning move.

And who dressed McCain tonight? A black tie with a black suit for this cadaverous white-haired guy. Isn't that setting him up to play Nixon to Obama's Kennedy?

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