Friday, October 24, 2008

Official Endorsement of Barack Obama

At this point in time, for no better reason than that I forgot, I would like to convey my official endorsement of one Barack Obama for the office of President of these great United States of ours in the upcoming election.

Though he is occasionally too wonky and pauses more perhaps than he should when speaking, and though he has never quite hit the rhetorical home run that he did as the "skinny kid with a funny name" that he hit in 2004, the guy rocks. Finally, a Democratic candidate we can actually both trust and be excited about. It's been a while. Compare the Grouse's second post, four years and change ago on the occasion of a Kerry / Bush debate.

No no, Obama is the real deal. I plan to canvas in Pennsylvania the weekend before to make sure we stick a nail in the W coffin. And maybe we can purge the Christian conservatives wholesale and get back some Republicans worth arguing with.

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