Wednesday, October 01, 2008

Check out time

Running to check out of Europamperdom after a very positive meeting yesterday. 11 hour flight back to New York, not even supported by the blessed cover of night.

Yesterday strolled around the nabe here and saw much wierdness, including derelict old houses and lots amidst densely packed high-end housing, 6 story buildings going in with 8 foot setbacks next to single family homes, primitive construction methods, immense piles of clippings piled up on disintegrating sidewalks, and a 2500 square foot supermarket which was BY FAR the largest food store I had seen in town. Everyone must drive to Hypermarkets on the freeways and/or old school bazaars somewhere. Hence the maddening traffic everywhere.

Real estate markets in the United States may be messed up, but they are largely transparent and comprehensible.


Steed said...

Nice journalistic entry. This is the little stuff about faraway places nobody bothers to report. You have to say this for the American economy. We build things fairly well. That's why everyone wants the new stuff here. Can you imagine wanting a new home in Greece? God knows what comes out of the faucet.

Graham Rohms Friely said...

Ah but Steed, it's not all true. Much newer construction here is crap. Hollow doors, cheap fixtures, etc. I do think that in general municipal inspector-based regulatory frameworks do a good job on the bread and butter of construction.

I see you're focused on water now. Hope that's going well.

Anonymous said...

Is that Grecian Formula 44 you're smuggling back from Athens or some of the good stuff?

Anonymous said...

The gods of Olympus will ogle the god of your trousers... Grecian Creme Urn for your creme. They invented the Olympics you sweep the gold, silver and bronze for growth and girth. What is the Greek word for humongous?