Sunday, October 05, 2008

Invisible wires

Yesterday David and I were riding our bikes to play tennis at the high school. There was a Princeton Tiger football game going on (vs. Trenton), and various other white people were gathered in the parking lot to tailgate with what looked to be turkey arugula havarti wraps. Pussies.

As I got through the parking lot and prepared to pull the front wheel of my ancient mountain bike up over the wee curb, I passed to the left of a cheap plastic barricade...

...all of a sudden I found the crooks of my arms gripping a plastic-encased wire as I was suspended in mid-air, my bicycle continuing on in front of me. Turns out, there was a wire going across the entrance to the sidewalk, but it visually blended into the sidewalk. There was a "Keep Off" or somesuch sign attached to it which I would have seen, but it was obscured by the barricade thingie. So I ran straight into that bitch going 12-14mph, and now have thin horizontal bruises on my lower biceps, and got a little chunk taken off of my calf by my bike, to boot. And you know I was cussing up a storm.

For all that, I still whumped David good.

Thank God I didn't hit my head, or our wives would have tried to make us start wearing helmets.


Steed said...

Wear a helmet for me Clark. Your readers depend on your fine brain.

Anonymous said...

Two kids and no helmet? They need a good example from their pops. Also, don't forget an extra, extra-large cup. You wouldn't want to lose all that girth you worked for with a thigh-high wire collision.

Graham Rohms Friely said...

But it's only a quarter of a mile to the courts. That was a total fluke. Stupid wire.