Monday, March 03, 2008

Times on teenage male sexualtiy

In the Sunday Times a week or so back there was an article about how a survey on teenage boys showed that, contrary to pop cultural representations, aren't really all about getting some, but in fact are very interested in relationships. I know that was true for me. As a teenager I always went out with girls I could get because the only thing scarier than sex was being rejected by the girls I actually wanted. OK, the one. There was one sure way not to fail in that regard, and that was to not even try.

And I really don't think that Hollywood is really all that far off from the truth. I mean, sure, there are pure genre pics that depict boys as mindless pussy hounds, but many of them, including Superbad and Fast Times at Ridgemont High, cling to a more sentimental and indeed perhaps more realistic vision of boys as psychically delicate little things who drink to get their balls rolling.

Here's one from Scientist.

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