Friday, March 21, 2008

The Ethics of Travel Soccer

Plenty of people criticize travel soccer for hauling them all over the place on weekends, but I predict a real backlash against travelling competitive sports in the near future for the simple reason that... there's too much driving involved. As gas stays expensive, the cost driver will be one thing, but from a footprint perspective it is also more than a little abhorrent.

I talked to a woman today who argued that travel soccer gives kids more competition than the milquetoast lower leagues. But what about the effect it has of removing all the alpha athletes from the pool shared by the less competitive? Doesn't it deprive these kids of benchmarks and weaken their own competitive instinct? I dunno, I don't like it.

To continue the distorto-funk trend of yesterday, here's a link to Vernon Reid at his most shining moment.

Defunkt - Ooh Baby

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