Wednesday, March 12, 2008

"Obama assasination"

The spectre of an Obama assassination has become a popular meme. It has become a top 100 search topic, for chrissakes

I first heard the idea mooted by a bunch of young blacks a few weeks ago on the subway. From the black point of view: it's rank defeatism and self-victimization before the fact: "Even if we get a black man in the White House, they just gonna take him away." From a white people's point of view, it's veiled racism: it would be said of any black candidate with a chance as a reason for not voting for them. Al Sharpton, Allan Keyes and Lenora Fulani have never been worth the bullet.

To be sure, Obama is more assassinable than most candidates, and more than most presidents, with the obvious and glaring exception of the present one, whose continued presence amongst the living and breathing really demonstrates better than anything else the degree of inaction and disaffection of the nation over which he has blustered these long eight years.

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