Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Book ithe movie

Idea for a movie: the book is better than the movie. The whole art/reality theme has been played out many times, most recently in the Will Ferrell / Emma Thompson / Latifah Stranger Than Fiction (totally based on an Unamuno novel that we read in frickin high school). But nobody has ever thematized the idea of the book being better than the movie. Probably Spike Jonze is the man for the job.

Imagine a bunch of characters living out their lives only to discover not only that they're living in a movie, but that the movie pales beside the book. Imagine how depressing! Hilarious hijinks ensue. It has the makings of a box office barnburner.


In other news, what's better than a movie -- a video of a political speech. In this case our guy Josh Stein bringin truth to the stompin 16th.

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Anonymous said...

That Stein guy is amazing. How can I contribute?