Friday, April 30, 2010

"Drill, baby, drill"

I sometimes stop by Fox News just to see how they are representing things, and how that side of the world is reacting to something.  Today I was interested in how they'd be presenting the oil spill in the Gulf, which I think is going to go down in history as a chapter we don't like.  While Fox wasn't extolling the spill's virtues, they did poll their visitors to get their reaction to it and its implications for future offshore drilling.  Here's what the poll looks like around now.

Note the "fair and balanced" construction of the poll "...reduce our dependence on foreign oil. Drill, baby, drill!" And the fact that 83% of the visitors would rather drill then figure out another way to reduce dependence, like smaller cars, smarter growth, etc.

As a contrast and an example of a more responsible conservative viewpoint, George Will had an opinion piece in Newsweek a week or so back where he exhorted Americans to think about nuclear power again, citing the example of France -- where most electricity comes from reactors and there haven't been any major incidents ever. One reactor could produce as much energy as some outlandish number of wind turbines. I don't know if I fully agree with Will on this, but he certainly has a point that we may need to be more open-minded about this and at least let it enter mainstream discourse.

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