Friday, April 16, 2010

Julie and Julia

The best movie we've watched for some time.  I don't know how I have at times likened Cate Blanchett to Meryl in my mind at times.  Cate has range, yes, but not spirit like Meryl. Meryl is the Meryl of our generation, and she's not even of our generation.

I look forward to seeing how the film ends.

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Anonymous said...

Heh, I love Meryl too, but I worship what Cate can do as an actor. I mean, Cate has pretty much accomplished in 10 years what Meryl has accomplished in 30 and by that I mean the dense diversity in roles. I think both ladies are "spirited" but one has a more earthy quality (Meryl) and the other more power (Cate)--they are both equally brilliant actresses I am just more impressed with the vast material Cate has covered in such a short time.