Saturday, May 01, 2010

Independence from foreign oil

This oil in the Gulf situation continues to anger me, and the suggestions from various politicians and others on the right that we need to keep drilling to reduce our dependence on foreign oil rankles in particular. To me it's very clear. To reduce our dependence on foreign oil we should:

  • Drive much smaller cars and many fewer fucking SUVs
  • Drive them less
  • Live closer together
It's not that complicated.


Steed said...

From a public policy standpoint the way to accomplish the reduced dependence is to tax oil consumption. I hope and think the various awful things that have happened to us this decade will finally persuade Americans that this sensible step is really necessary.
Cheap oil is like low interest rates. It's high octane fuel for the economy, but it leads to unsustainable levels of activity and sharper more painful business cycles. Post-Reagan America has been very dense about this sort of thing. Yes lower taxes and less regulation lead to profits, investment, and jobs, but not for long! Deficits, environmental degredation, bankruptcies, and overdevelopment result from this short-sightedness. I would love to see banks and oil companies throw off a little tax revenue in exchange for the non-socially beneficial activities they do.

Graham Blaylock Pendergrass said...

Well put Mr. Steed.