Wednesday, April 28, 2010

UNC NCAA Compliance

I was talking to someone who teaches at UNC, in a notoriously easy department historically favored by student-athletes, and he/she was telling me about how athletes would cut and paste from the internet, get dinged and get bad grades, and then some handler from the athletics department would call up and explain how the athlete really didn't know what he/she was doing was wrong and should be cut some slack. No shock there. Those of us who have lived in Chapel Hill on and off for our whole lives know that the school is not as lily white as it seems, compliance wise, though it may be less bad than many others.

Tellingly, UNC's NCAA Compliance officer is housed within the Athletics Department.  I have seen university org charts where the sports compliance person reports directly to the general counsel, to internal audit, or to the President.  This is more effective governance, in theory at least.

None of this would be bad if Roy Williams with his big mouth and bad manners hadn't been such an embarassment to the university this season.  The guy is 59 years old and he doesn't know the difference between a real natural tragedy and a mediocre season. If he doesn't calm down it would be appropriate for someone to do some real investigative/forensic journalism on UNC sports.  The university should be focused on its core mission of educating people, not on the secular religion of hoops.


Anonymous said...

Phil Ford did not start drinking until he left UNC. Walter Davis did not do cocaine until he was in the NBA. James Worthy did not hire prostitutes until he played for the Lakers. Billy Cunningham was slightly smarter than your average fencepost but received his degree. Sam Perkins was heterosexual while at UNC. And, as all Carolina fans know, Charles Shackleford was, in fact, amphibious, while at NC State.

Graham Blaylock Pendergrass said...

LT certainly never was involved in statch while here on the Hill!