Friday, March 05, 2010

A sad passing indeed

My friend Zeke mentioned today at lunch that he had commented on the passing of the Kentucky Fried Chicken on Main St in Carrboro, as indeed he had. After god knows how many years, certainly since the 70s, there is no more Colonel here in town.

And its passage could not be less timely. Last Friday at a potluck in Natalie's class, somebody had brought a bucket, and it smelled good. Of course, by the time the adults got a chance to attack the table, all of the tender morsels had long since flown the coop (as it were), so my devious mind began to think about stopping in there. It was such a part of the landscape that I really hadn't thought about it much as a source of food, but now I wanted to do me some finger-lickin.

And, as my friend noted, the PETA crowd are indeed claiming victory for the long-suffering chickens on this occasion.  Frankly, I doubt that the Colonel and his crew gave a flying fuck (yes, Virginia, pun intended) about PETA.  I bet the landlord jacked up the rent because that real estate is becoming primer and primer as the western slope of Chapel Hill and Carrboro continues to get hype.  If PETA is gonna get all lathered up about shutting down individual franchises, it speaks rather poorly about the organization's efficacy.  Like the Chinese buffet next door or the wing and burger joint across the street spends a lot of money on free-range cluckage.  Sure they do.

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