Thursday, March 18, 2010

Blowing his mind

Read Civil War on Sunday to Graham the other night, something like #21 in the Magic Treehouse series. In this book (warning, plot spoilers coming up), Jack and Annie return to civil war times and hang out with Clara Barton on the battlefield. There they help out an injured drummer boy named John, who looks mysteriously like Jack.  Later, when the kids have returned to the safety of their Frog Creek home, they ask their dad if any of their relatives had been in the Civil War. Why yes, says dad, your great great great grandfather John was a drummer boy for the Union.  Then Jack and Annie confirm that he lived through it and Jack says, like, "awesome" and goes to bed.

Well, when it registered with Graham that they had met their great great great grandfather in the past, it totally blew his mind. He threw his head back and screwed up his eyes and said "Wowww" or something like that. It was mighty cute.

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