Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Gendercide and the sexual warfare to come

Was just listening on BBC World Radio to report about "moral policing" in Mangalore, India, where bands of Hindu thugs beat up mixed Hindu/Muslim couples to preserve moral purity.  This came on the heels of reading the very disturbing "Gendercide" article in The Economist, which details how the rates of male births to female births have been dramatically skewed throughout Asia, but primarily in parts of China and India, as ultrasound technology has made it easier to figure out the gender of kids in utero, on top of cultural practices of just killing female babies.What this means is that there's going to be a whole generation where there are lots more guys than gals, which has really bad implications for society in terms of crime, violence, substance abuse, etc.  Look at what has happened in the Arab and Islamic world as a generation of guys has grown up feeling disempowered by society.  And those guys at least could find women to get married to.

So, for societies that prize ethnic purity, there's going to be even more intense territoriality around the control of women's bodies in generations to come. That's not good. Look for more "moral policing," for an expansion in the trafficking of sex slaves to areas where there are too many guys, and for more violence in general.

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