Monday, March 08, 2010

Left Behind

After years of meaning to I finally got my hands on a copy of the born-again Christian ("Over 7 million in print!") classic Left Behind:  A Story of the End of Days or something like that.  I must confess it is pretty creepy.  At the beginning, this pilot is flying a 747 to Paris, thinking of banging this hot stewardess because his charismatic Christian wife has taken clutching her bible so closely to her breasts that he can't even touch them. And then he leaves the cockpit to go flirt with her and she comes back freaked out because a bunch of passengers have gone missing, without even their clothes. You guessed it, they were Raptured right up to heaven, and all the rest of the people on the plane -- sinners all -- have been Left Behind.

Down on earth, lots of other people have gone missing, many of them while driving cars or flying airplanes. Chaos ensues.

And this is just the first chapter. Although it's action packed, I may or may not have the fortitude to soldier on through this page burner. Instead, I may have to have ask the book to kiss my Left Behind.

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