Friday, November 14, 2008

Traffic Report

I used to have to work for every hit I got, either by writing something insightful, amusing or (yetter bet) degrading, or by trying to convey market-related wit and then sidle up to Felix Salmon for traffic (see the big spikes at left). Of late, however, my numbers have been elevated due to some insight I offered into Joe Biden's hair back in September, which many readers have happened upon via Google images. Other popular paths in include Google searches on "ACC Football Rankings", for which searchers are surely sadly disappointed by my grumpy laconicity.

I must say that all this cheap traffic, while driving my numbers up, really does nothing for me, and probably I should just yank these two posts. But I don't, because somehow I suspect that the one or a few of the random perusers brought in so cheaply might be converted in time into a real reader. But it's hard to tell. Ain't seeing it yet.

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