Thursday, November 13, 2008

From the Annals of Crime

My wife's family has lived in Larchmont, New York, for forty years or so, and during this time they have contracted to have the New York Times delivered to their home by a certain Manor News Service, which has invoiced them regularly. As has the Times itself. If you're not suspicious already, may I suggest that you become so: the New York Times certainly employs external contractors to deliver its papers, but they don't present two invoices. This was a classic rip-off.

When my father-in-law discovered this dastardly scheme, he called up the New York Times, which had no record of him as a subscriber, despite the fact that it was billing him. The Times is, however, launching an investigation. He then called up Manor News Service, which lists its address as a Yonkers PO Box, where he questioned the bills and suggested litigation might be appropriate, the guy cursed him for being a lawyer and hung up on him. The paper came no more from them, with delivery ceasing, ironically, on the day of Obama's election.

We will be monitoring this situation as it develops and will keep our readers apprised of developments.


Anonymous said...

I had the same thing happen with my enhancement cream bills, can you believe it?

Graham Hussein de las Piernas Gordas said...

OK. That's an award-winning comment.
"Hats" off to the anonymous anonymous.

Anonymous said...

It's like when you were with those two ladies and they both wanted you to pay their light bill. Nothing is for free- two timer.