Monday, November 10, 2008

"Bettering" RAM

I've been doing a little work helping a company coordinate its learning objectives for its employees with a shrink-wrapped curriculum from a vendor. I can assure you it's fun. At least I don't have to commute. Here's a highlight: "Though geared toward bettering communication and listening in a business setting, the seminar environment is casual, offering a safe and stress-free forum for self-evaluation and interaction."

So, you can imagine my delight when, at around four, I walked out of my house into a crisp, cool fall day, the leaves just right, and walked up to the corner for a cup of joe.

It was almost enough to offset the fact that our house was broken into while we were out of town. The guy took this:

  • One Dell Inspiron 1000 laptop, a piece of crap I couldn't even install Windows after some guy put in a new hard drive
  • One Sharp 17" flat panel TV/Monitor, which we got free from Verizon for signing up for the FIOS triple play. Unfortunately, my Dell Inspiron 710m has a hardware limitation which won't let me use an external monitor to extend my desktop, so this monitor is useless to me.
  • One Skagen watch, for which I paid $100, which was so broke the watch guy at the shopping center declared it unfixable
  • One Russian army (Raketa) watch, for which I paid $10 in 1998, the date mechanism of which is broken. He was undoubtedly pissed when he saw what he had (see below)
  • A bunch of credit cards we never use (cancelled before he could use them)
  • Some costume jewelry
  • Keys to both our cars and the house (this sucks, but luckily my car was at the train station)
The Philly cops snagged the guy, 22 year old Russian junky, with all the credit cards on him, but no electronics. If I'm lucky, insurance will pay to replace a bunch of worthless junk.

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Anonymous said...

Don't sweat the stuff, I'm very glad you, Mary and the kids are ok. It's easy to replace stuff. BTW, Anatolian Shepards make good house pets.