Wednesday, August 01, 2007

Update from the pool

This is turning into a huge landmark summer for Natalie. First she fully mastered the bicycle, at one point in time going a full 11 times round the large loop of the driveway at Canandaigua.

Also in the Finger Lakes, she made tremendous strides in the cool, cool, clear water, swimming out to the raft unescorted by the time we left.

Then, as we have recently reported, she plowed through the first Harry Potter book mercilessly. No prisoners.

And so, after a couple of weeks swimming at the Dillon Gym summer camp, I decided to take her out to the Community Park Pool for a swim to let her strut her stuff. Very impressive, it must be owned. She can swim long distances without help. She can touch the bottom with her hand. She's learning freestyle and breast stroke. She'll dive off of my knees. Mostly, she's perfectly comfortable and acclimated in the warm, chlorinated water, and wants to keep swimming.

Crazy hats off to those buff and bored young counsellors at the camp.

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