Thursday, August 16, 2007

Down at the bread line, or, fun with whitey

I was told that NJ Dept of Workplace Development mandates attendance at a "Reemployment Orientation" to get your benefit paid, so I went down there to Trenton yesterday. Unfortunately, I got tangled up in directions and was seven minutes late. So the lady at the "Triage desk" tells me that they lock the door right at 9 and I need to come back tomorrow. So I say, "Will they really require a Social Security card? I haven't had one in 20 years." And she says, yeah, they will, but go over to SSA a few blocks down and order one and the printout for ordering one will suffice. So I go and do that and it goes smoothly and easily.

So today I come back just like she said and I was there plenty early, and nobody asks to see Social Security Card at all. Then a 9:06 somebody comes in the room and at 9:10 somebody else. The door is literally but not figuratively locked, and she didn't turn them away.

They just have fun tweaking the white-collar types. It's cheaper than cable, you gotta figure. There's more, but I gotta run.

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