Thursday, August 23, 2007

Larchmont - Mamaroneck - Scarsdale - New Rochelle

Today I hauled my tired old mountain bike around the charms of upper-lower Westchester. Scarsdale was the goal, as I had never really checked it out, though I vaguely recall having disdain for it in college.

For naught. It was swanky as all get out. There was one building where there was a newsstand on one side, furs on the other, but they were both in the same font and color, which looked kinda funny. Ornate old buildings in the town center.

On the way home swung through New Rochelle, where parts are just flat out ghetto. In front of one bakery as I passed, a slim and attractive young black woman was screaming at an Hispanic woman who walked past, who had apparently rolled her eyes at her. "You better not come on back here or I'm gonna fuck you up good, in front of your man." She nattered on as I left. I liked to had told her to carry her lazy self on and get a j-o-b.

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