Tuesday, July 31, 2007

My readers

For a blogger, there's little that's more flattering than sustained visits by readers. And freely available modern technology lets us monitor who's coming and going. So when I have a reader sit down and read for an hour or so and dig through my archives, there's nothing more flattering. But when it turns out the reader works in a lawyer's office, and returns to a methodical pouring through my complete works after breaking for lunch, it makes me wonder. Is this a casual reader, or has someone taken a professional interest in my musings. God forbid I should have made some actionable booboo in there.

Or, as this reader hails from the State of North Carolina and probably overlapped with me in Chapel Hill in the late eighties or nineties, perhaps it's just an old friend.

In any case, the Grouse welcomes comments from avid readers.

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