Wednesday, July 25, 2007

Hillsborough - RDU - EWR - Larchmont

After catfish and encouraging discussions of possible future sports endeavors for the Grouse, it was back to the airwaves and back up to Yankee territory for a morning tete-a-tete with an altogether different kind of beast. Often, airplanes offer up interesting anecdotes for the blogger, but today there was very little of note, just some rather plain young lady taking pictures of New Jersey in flight with the camera in her cellphone. She's probably already posted those to her own blog, and I'm sure it rocks.

In general, these are rather heady times for the kid. Many voices call me homewards, while quite a few sing another tune. Should I hack at a few more dragons before repairing to the castle? Time will tell, and not much of it.

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