Monday, July 23, 2007

The Streets of the Triangle

Praise the lord that it hasn't been too hot. Exceptionally mild days, which we've told Mary are typical, have been the backdrop for our tour of the older neigborhoods of Chapel Hill which -- owing to the limited stock of such locales -- was exhaustive without being exhausting.

But it's nonetheless taken a lot out of us. The though of moving home for me, to a frickin foreign land for her, is non-trivial.

What is striking, I must say, is the relative wildness of the south, the roughness of the landscaping, the scrappiness of the yards of even high-end homes. And I'm not Mr. yard Perfect either. The greens seem deeper and richer in the Northeast.

I remember reading a review of a book about houses in France from 1760 to 1820 where the Parisians, when travelling to their country estates, would pull closed the curtains on the side of their carriages when passing through unreformed country because the chaos of it offended their dainty eyes. I'm having a little bit of that, which is just shameful and pathetic.


Bob said...

Its true that NJ is especially green and lush this year. But we also have high standards in the northeast. If you move to NC I'm sure you'll find this concept extends to personal grooming and hygiene as well.

Forrest said...

Seems to me that the benefits of BBQ, Blue Cups (club soda), Heels, and Socks w/ Sandals makes the landscaping a little easier to take.

I wonder, is the Cradle still around?

Anonymous said...

Bob's right, Camden, NJ sets new standards for both landscaping and hygiene that no NC city can match, although I'm somewhat baffled by the tendency to smear enhancement products upon the hair in NJ rather than the member.