Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Golden Skillet, US 29 South, Chatham, VA 12:30 pm

I needed some lunch, so I stopped into a comely Golden Skillet along my path to Charlottesville today.  The only place with an outlet to charge my phone was in the back, so I sat there.

A couple of booths were filled by a group of six people in their golden years, five of them women, which is no surprise, since women live longer than men.  Of the six, only one seemed to be talking much.  "It was a pound cake from a mix.  Betty Crocker.  And it was pretty good, actually."  She repeated her declarations about the cake from a box a couple of times, it seemed because the pair of ladies in the adjacent booth couldn't hear her.

But then it became apparent that she was talking more because it was her role in this group to do so. She was the perky one, the bringer of energy, the ringleader.  She showed the others some pictures on her digital camera:  "They gave it to me for my 80th birthday, that was six years ago."

It was, in short, very sweet. Nobody else had much zing left, they had been talking to each other for who knows how many decades. So she shared what she had, and that was that.

I had a delicious fish plate with cole slaw and green beans which, though clearly from a large can, were curiously not very salty.

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