Sunday, October 11, 2015


I am sometimes slightly annoyed when people overgeneralize the use of exclamation points, particularly when texting.  I don't know why.  Perhaps it is a Scrooge instinct. Mary used to say that, of all the characters in Pooh's world, she identified most with Eeyore.  Which I had never thought about.

But I am not bothered when it is my daughter doing the punctuating. With her, I see it as a lovely way to view the world, where any given instance of anything is something to be excited about! Why not?

Which, in turn, makes me think I should revisit my attitude towards exclamations in general!  Why not endorse the enthusiasm, after all?


Anonymous said...

Deez Nuts!!

Chad Ludington said...

To me, exclamations when texting or emailing are a way of inflecting my voice upward and smiling. Sure I could write the word in all caps and use a smiley face emoticon, but an exclamation point is so much simpler. Cheers!