Wednesday, October 14, 2015

Competing models

I went and saw Richard Ford speak last night at Flyleaf Books. I think I have blogged in the past about enjoying the Frank Bascombe series of novels, particularly Independence Day.  Really a great series of books, and I'm glad that there's a fourth so we can get to spend more time with Bascombe.

After he read, somebody asked a question of Ford about coming back to Frank, after thinking that the 3rd novel would be the last.  Ford said this, more or less:  "I feel like, through Frank Bascombe, I am able to fully express myself," and it was clear that this is a very clear goal for him.

This morning, I saw another short Gary Vanerchuk on Facebook. Vanerchuk's message is also very clear:  anybody can be a success as an entrepreneur, but only by dint of ceaseless and unyielding application.  "Since I was 14, I worked weekends, holidays, etc."  I'm not sure what he made his money in, selling wine I guess. He's a name I've heard as an entrepreneurial guru.

His energy is good and his message is kind of inspiring, but at what cost?  He also seems to be kind of a jerk.

On balance, I'd rather be Richard Ford.  But, as with so many things, I am somewhere in the middle.

Gotta hit the road now. Off to Charlottesville, than to DC, thence to Martinsburg, WV, on Friday, to see people and try to get some business flowing.  It should be a beautiful fall road trip.

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