Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Working too hard?

Natalie is always coming home and telling us that she got a 99 on this or a hundred on that, and she gets straight As, and we are always pleased as punch and happy etc.  So when she told us that she was in the 99th percentile on the National Spanish Exam, we were a little jaded, I suppose.  And then the principal sends around an email to the whole school community talking about how well the school had done, with a bunch of kids doing well, etc.  But there was Natalie at the top, the only one with a 99, and the only one with a couple of exclamation points next to her name.

She is rather clever, and she works really hard.  She had me read a complete draft today of a 4-page book report, that is the 3rd part of a project that is due on Friday.  When I picked her up from the Battle of the Books end of year party today, she had another draft of it marked up in red ink.  I asked if it was the teacher who had marked it up, and she says no, it was a friend.  Two readers, two days before it is due.


I worry, if anything, that she works too hard, doesn't have enough fun.  Gotta work on that. As it were.

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