Thursday, May 22, 2014

Back from Gotham

Had a fine week in the NY/NJ/Philly region, featuring lots of good meals with friends.  Some highlights:

  • After dinner on Monday in SoHo, Kevin and I walked back down Greene St.  I repeat, it was Monday, over in the Design Within Reach store, there was what looked very much like an art opening, only it was in a furniture store.  And so on down Greene St, which is now entirely taken over by furnishings purveyors.  There were openings, parties.  In the front window of one, a buff model ran on a treadmill.  That's one way to get attention.
  • Spent an unseemly amount of time in Bryant Park, owing to the very pleasant weather
  • This evening, after my 3 o'clock coffee got cancelled because of my date's illness, I realized I should get to the airport before the predicted storms hit and try to get on an earlier flight standby.  So I hopped in the subway, then took the M60 bus at 125th St, and made it from Tribeca to LGA in 55 minutes or so, all for the cost of a subway ride.  Gotta love MTA!
  • Today after lunch with Ted, he took me in the new Goldman Sachs building on West St.  While sitting in the "Sky Lobby" on the 11th floor, I saw no fewer than 3 former colleagues rush past, intent on their next respective meetings.  Coulda said hello, but was talking to my boy.  Man, I don't miss that place.
  • Saw too many good friends to list, and ate a lot of good food.

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