Thursday, May 01, 2014

Getting psyched

For the new Sharon Van Etten record.  In fact, I meant to buy it today when I was uptown with Niklaus, but got to running late and forgot to.  I had to drop the 3 kid bikes jammed into the back of the car off at Clean Machine so they could pass it to some guy who'll clean em up and give them to some lower income kids. So much easier than driving out on 15-501 to Goodwill or Re Store or whoever would've taken them.

Yes, I could order it from Amazon, I just like to patronize the local record store with appropriately haughty and surly bastards at the register.

And, yes, I could just have it delivered via the so-called "internet" to my phone.  But I have no way of plugging that into my stereo at home, so old and cheap is it, and I don't like the way the think skitters around in the car and skips.

Oh, I could listen to it on my phone using headphones, but I've never liked listening to music that way.  I can drift off into the nether regions of my own mind easily enough without any headphones, thank you very much.  And how then would I hear the world around me?  So many nice birds this time of year, or the gentle lulling of this fan off behind me.

Mostly, what good is music if you're not imposing it on your teenager?

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