Thursday, February 19, 2009


I have in various forums (which is to say, for the most part, my own mind) advocating for positive and even futurist orientations to the crisis at hand. By which I mean, for those of you who've been napping, the financial crisis.

So here's a couple of ideas, probably already in development somewhere

  • A need aggregator for basic service charities. A portal where soup kitchens and the like could go in and give status for what they need: "We're well-funded right now, but need volunteers to serve meals and teach computer skills". That way, if Poughkeepsie is well provided for, I can give money to Toledo.
  • I've read about revivals of local stock markets. What about local bond markets? If a store or restaurant is in trouble why not let them issue some small notes locally? Lord knows there's investment banker and lawyer capacity lying fallow. I'm sure there's some SEC reason not to, but hell, the SEC is going away one of these days anyhoo.

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