Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Belief under stress

On the train ride home tonight I sat next to a black woman in red.  First she called some doctor's office and left a message about a bill she had received late because she had moved in the fall.   Then she called a family member, maybe a cousin, who was home alone and was freaking out because her dad had told her she had to move.  The woman in red tried to help her relative calm down:  "You will always be safe and you will always have a roof over your head.  The Lord will provide that.  You may not like everything that happens, but you will be safe and sheltered."  She talked the other woman for a while, and then got out a small Bible and read to her to keep her under control.

It was pretty moving, in quiet way.   We haven't had to deal with anything like that.  Knock wood.

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