Sunday, February 22, 2009

Positivity Tsar

I have devoted considerable thinking to the question of who should be dubbed Positivity Tsar: the guy who can play Iacocca to Obama's Reagan, whenever Obama decides he can stop being scary. If you look around the business world, it's hard to find the right person. The only person in finance who's a contender is Jack Bogle, and he's too old. There's no likely candidate from the world of Technology, either. Maybe Larry Page if he would step out. Consumer products also yield few candidates.

In the end, I have settled on Tom Brokaw. The Greatest Generation gives him tremendous cred in the heartland, and it's theme is exactly what America needs to hear: Americans can hunker down, find common purpose, and do tremendous things. It's what we do best, and what we're supposed to do. Brokaw would also appear to be a liberal and, to the best of my knowledge, nobody really hates him. The book and his South Dakota heritage isolate him from "East Coast Media Elite" attacks from Limbaugh etc.

Now, I just have to communicate to Brokaw that he has been selected for this role and figure out how to craft the campaign.


Steed said...

How about Sanjay Gupta?

Anonymous said...

How about Paris Hilton? She's a vacuous, wealthy American capitalist who made her money the old-fashioned way, through sluttiness and a trust fund. What could be more positive than that?