Friday, February 20, 2009

Deep in the woods

Working through a New Yorker collection of food writings. Having finished a Joseph Mitchell piece on "Beefsteaks", a beer and meat only social function from the turn of the century through the 30s where people would eat all they could with their bare hands and get wasted.  Good times.  Next up is a John McPhee article about a six-day trip he took with Euell Gibbons in the mountains of Pennsylvania with no provisions and no fishing or hunting equipment.  They fed purely by foraging for nuts, fruits and greens.  Hard core.

Tonight Mary and I watched the Coen Brothers' Burn Before Reading.  Some critics, apparently, didn't like the movie, but we couldn't figure out what there was to not like about it.  Supremely entertaining viewing with a good cast.

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Steed said...

Clark how do you put a clickable link into one of these blogs? Any idea?

I liked the way the Battier entry ended ... a lighter shade of blue. reminiscent of a whiter shade of pale. That Carolina blue is a good color.