Thursday, January 15, 2009

A coronation

Today in the historic North Carolina State Capital the Grouse's very own Josh Stein was sworn in. In an old-school chamber filled with people in both dresses and suits, depending on their gender, Josh was introduced by father Adam, preceded by this guy Basnight who is the head poobah of the Senate, and then sworn in by this woman who called him "Joshua H. Stein," which meant that he went almost a full electoral cycle without anyone noting that his middle name was Harold. Josh then grabbed the mike and spoke truth to power. Sadly, there was no open-mike portion to the ceremony.

Afterwards, lunch was served over in the State Legislature office building, which I totally remembered going to on elementary school field trips, and which hearkens back to the days of Jody, Biffy, Uncle Bill and Mr. French on Family Affair.

Niklaus, my mom showed up, but Adam had to go to Vegas, sending wife and child in his stead.

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