Thursday, December 04, 2008

Very angry

So this is my first post using Mary's sleek new Mac, which replaces the piece of shit Dell that we bought 2-3 years ago and then froze up and died for no good reason whatsoever, save for the fact that it was a piece of shit Dell.  This thing is nice.  It looks nice.  It sounds nice.  I even think they might have injected it with new car smell.

But I am quite angry with how ornery it's being about hooking up the native email client to Verizon.  It made me angry, very angry.  When I found the instructions at Verizon (placement was not intuitive), they were pretty simple and straightforward.  Servers should be and   Not rocket science.  But the program doesn't want to talk to the server.

I mean, I've got a connection, right?  I'm typing over it right now.  It should work.  What do I have to do, go out and snag a freeware email client right off the bat?

For an explanation of what I mean when I say that I'm "very angry," watch the classic bugs piece below starting at about 6:15, if you can't watch the whole thing.

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Anonymous said...

Read The password authentication is the issue, most likely. See if it helps.