Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Tunnel Vision

Despite the holiday coming up, am living in MS World, from Word to Powerpoint to Excel to freakin Outlook, bullets, tables, bold, italics.... the whole nine. Boring as hell.

And our little document keeps right on growing. Soon it will be marked up with the blood of unsuspecting holiday readers, and then we will compile the bitch, print it, bind it, and send it on its merry way. The great cycle of nature will continue... for another paycheck, at least.

Out on the Turnpike today nothing of note. Traffic, but what do you expect?

In the markets, I'm encouraged by the continued progress of the Ted spread (the spread between 3-month Libor and 3-month T-bills), which everybody was treating like something to take seriously back in October and now only a few bloggers seem to care. Banks are getting more and more willing to lend to each other, it's just that the generalized arm-waving and hair-rending of every freakin talking head in the world has got it to where nobody will buy anything, not even a shake to go with that burger and fries.

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