Tuesday, December 09, 2008

Ill tidings

My firm has a meeting monthly where we wow one another with our powerpoint skills and witty repartee, and it's always held in the same place, a conference center and restaurant right nearby, the Bull Run. Imagine our dismay to learn that, on minimal notice, we weren't meeting there because the place had filed for bankrupcy. Gives a whole new meaning to "breaking the glass".

Which is actually fine because I was pretty much sick of their food, though the sliders were OK and the chicken quesadillas perfectly edible, and last month they even broke out crab cakes, by gum! And the french fries were, by repute at least, quite tasty. Alright, I suppose it could have been worse. It could yet prove to be.

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Anonymous said...

How fitting that the enhanced one would dine at the Bull Run. Since it closed you might try the new French restaurant Le Massif Obelisk.