Monday, December 22, 2008

Suburban man lost

I went downstairs at 12:05 to get a sandwich and the crabby guy who works the sandwich line in the deli next to Deutsche Bank was like: "Sorry, man, we're not open for lunch yet." Did I mention it was 12:05? So I went outside to the schwarma cart and the guy is hard at work grilling up a batch of instalamb. Finally a guy down the street had some schwarma going on, but I had to walk around and it was cold as the dickens, I tell you.

Is this what they mean when they say Wall St scorns the retail investor? Seems like it might be.


Anonymous said...

Is that a schwarma or just an enhancement product?

Graham Hussein de las Piernas Gordas said...

I gotta say, after years of "keeping it up", you guys are getting pretty week with the jokes. If you knew anything about street schwarma you might have asked "Did you have white sauce with that? Hot sauce? Or both?"