Tuesday, September 23, 2008

Where's Stan O'Neal?

The connection between Obama and Franklin Gaines ex-of Fannie imputed by the McCain ad below is thinly veiled racism, an unironic riff on the sensibility parodied by this Spring's New Yorker cover: If Obama's in the White House -- we are told between the lines -- black people will stick together, and who knows what they do when we pale folk are not around. They could get.... uppity! It could be the inverse of the classic Eddy Murphy sketch from SNL where he puts on whiteface and finds out what life amidst whitey is all about: free no-doc loans, cocktail parties on public buses. So I'm waiting for a round of ads showing Obama with Stan O'Neal or Richard Parsons. But not Morgan Freeman, as that would imply divine sanction.

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