Sunday, November 29, 2009

More from Graham

Graham continues to say cute things.

For example:

  • Last night, when praising the blue Ikea "coverter" with white circles on it, he said he liked it because it was "very decorationable"
  • Just now, he was talking about how the Indians knew how "if you live souther you had gooder foods"
Natalie is by no means done with cuteness, mind you. She continues to give the temperature every morning quite strictly: "high of 52 degrees fahrenheit", lest we should be confused with celsius. She also quite regularly says "morning time" and "o'clock" with a very robust and articulated initial "o" sound, as opposed to a brusque and clipped schwa.

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Anonymous said...

when a problem comes along
you must whip it
before the(enhancement)cream sits out too long
you must whip it
when something's going wrong
you must whip it