Wednesday, November 11, 2009

The battle commences

The sweet little kittens that we brought home a few weeks ago are performing according to script. Last night in bed, I thought I smelled bad, bringing back bad memories of years long gone by when a nasty brew of cigarettes, beer, greasy food, garlic and an obstinate refusal to bathe enough meant that I had a body odor problem. Not atypical of your young athletic substance abuser.

But last night it wasn't me. The kittens had peed all over the bed and comforter. After one had shat on the sofa the day before.

The vet tells us they have giardia, which is normal for cats coming out of a shelter, and they have to be fed antibiotics (force-fed, in Leon's case). Why doesn't the shelter treat for this since it treats for other things, that's my question?

I have a feeling I'm going to be buying some furniture and other stuff soon.

And to top it off, Jennette is coming down from New York this weekend.


Katherine said...

Vinegar - wash everything with kitten pee in vinegar. And douse anything that can't be washed. The vinegar will actually eat the smell, or the cause of the smell, enzymatically. It will even get the smell out of carpet. Soak, blot, let dry.

Anonymous said...

After the carpet is dry, apply a generous coating of enhancement cream, it doubles as a fantastic cat urine repellant.