Friday, October 16, 2009

What is there to say

Sat in my office, looking north. Was on the phone approximately 3 hours today, coming to the end of my seven day trial of 3G Wimax provider Clearwire. After having a disastrous set of broken calls (two of them Skype calls, then one on the "land line" -- which is itself wireless VOIP), I called up Clearwire and threatened to cancel my service as the seven day trial period came to its conclusion. The customer service person (and their customer service is outstanding, it must be owned) stayed on the line with me for 45 minutes as we talked and tested different modem positions until we found one that was better, and then they gave me another seven days to test it.

We shall see. It's only about $500 cheaper than and AT&T voice/data bundle for a year, so it may be penny wise/pound foolish to stick with this new gizmo. Then again, I talked to a colleague in Chicago whose service from AT&T has been so miserable that he uses his cell as a primary phone.

I'm gonna be on the phone a lot. A little more time will tell.

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Anonymous said...

Having a business with over 2500 calls per day over a T1 line with Citrix IP phones I'd say a regular land line is by far the more reliable choice.