Friday, October 02, 2009

In town

After about 7 weeks back in Chapel Hill, today was the first time I took the opportunity to walk around town and really check it out. As everyone says, the 100 block of Franklin Street has indeed really gone to the dogs. Stupid chains and bars everywhere. Nothing for the townsfolk to speak of, except maybe the Sugarland bakery. Highlights of our stroll:

  • Two police substations within half a mile of each other: one in the BofA building, one by Granville Towers
  • Fine lunch at the Mediterranean Deli
  • Nothing much else to speak of
The town has to some extent been genericized and denuded of character. Or maybe we've just gotten old. Lots of good places to eat, that's for sure. And, for those who still do it, drink. Fewer places to park than before, when there were already few. Hence the free bus service. Can't argue with that.

In other news, have come to terms with landlord (OK, he's my stepdad) to sign a lease on some office space for my new job. Soon I will have, as they say, A Room of My Own. What's more, it will be A Room With a View.

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Anonymous said...

Hope you'll be hosting Faye Hunter fan club meetings in your new space.