Saturday, February 09, 2008

Waiting for Iacocca

Interest rate cuts we got, and a cash bolus is on the way, particularly for us breeders, but who will make us feel good about America? Obama can help us feel good civically, but economically we're gonna need a cheerleader, somebody to play the same role Iacocca played back in the eighties. Rarah we can do it. But from what sector will this person arise? Probably not from Detroit. Neither Wall Street and Silicon Valley has really ever spoken to the heartland. A 2.0 person would make sense, and Mark Zuckerberg's taking a smart risk with open architecture could give him an opening, but I don't see it. Plus the fact that, like Gates, he got his prize jewel shiftily. Bentonville is discredited.

If Vanguard had a dynamic new product and a strong successor to Bogle, that's someone who could lead. Index investing, after all, is faith-based, and America needs its faith restored, yet again.

While we're on the subject of 80s cheerleading and optimism, he're the old Morning in America spot, as clever a piece of propaganda as you're likely to see.

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