Tuesday, February 19, 2008

6:14 AM, NE Corridor inbound express train

Sat next to a 60ish black woman clad entirely in black, her head wrapped in a shawl and turned towards the window so that I couldn't see her face. She was reading from a dog-eared mini-bible in a raspy whisper. It was all straight out of the Exorcist or something, and I half expected that she was going to turn to me and shoot daggers of fire out of her eyes and through my skull, so that I would rue not having taken one of those rear-facing seats next to some obese guy.

Instead, she got off in Newark.

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Anonymous said...

I've sat next to her before. There's another guy who does journaling on the 6:14. Gotta admire them as I'm half asleep or reading the WSJ with half my brain.