Thursday, October 11, 2007

Tech 2007

Down at the Council on Entrepreneurial Development's Tech 2007 conference, it flew fast and furious. Over here Dayjet CEO Ed Iacobucci played George Bush on the aircraft carrier, declaring victory over a complex optimization problem after 52 live flights. Yeah yeah. Talk to me after 10,000. He also talked in detail about his personal history, which was really enlightening.

In the exhibition hall some dudes displayed some mushrooms they used to grow drugs. Mmmmhmmm. There was all manner of other boring medical crap, and my heart pined for some financial apps. They most slam-bam med app was this 360 degree modelling thing that looked like it targeted cosmetic surgery. Why am I not shocked? Magnus Health Portal is a sleeper. Good technology, but better business model and attitude.

The CTO of Nokia/Ericsson song and danced about the future of the cell phone. Soon, you'll be able to buy your sandwich, drag and drop files from one phone to another, and wipe your ass with it too. There were so many features have you wonder what use it could ever be to an aging population. No doubt, telecoms and devices generally need an Oxo, somebody to have a culture oriented towards building devices targeted at the boomers and older. He showed multiple videos of what were basically commercials, which was pretty weak.


Anonymous said...

Dayjet is a loser company with failure written all over it. They don't have a good plan or the right planes. The planes have no restroom or leg room. The prices are high and I know someone that worked there to say they have bad supervisors with inexpereinced customer service managers.Investors will lose all of the money and thats OK," fools follow other fools"..

Anonymous said...

You've clearly never been on a DayJet or you would be better informed. The leg room is fine and if you can't remember to go before you fly - or at least hold on for a few minutes during a short flight - then you deserve to waste your time and fly commercial through hub airports or spend an entire day driving.

And by the way, the management is about the most proven there can ever be; they built Citrix into a multi-billion dollar value company.